Monday 1 June

THIS IS THE TIME – A snapshot of the creative industry’s independent workers: their needs, ideas, dreams and offers to support themselves and their industry.

‘It feels like a sector wide (creative art/cultural industries) research document taking a snapshot of the current situation for freelancers, would be so helpful in the rebuilding phase.’

Over 70% of the Creative Industries is a self-employed workforce. There are also many entrepreneurial individuals who run small companies with under 5 staff. These independent thinkers and makers are the life-blood of the arts and culture sector and an important part of the cultural ecology in the UK.

Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on these people.

This document is a snapshot of this time as experienced by those working
in the performing and visual arts in England. It outlines some key problems the independent workforce is facing, and presents a series of ideas and visions that might contribute to a vibrant, impactful and imaginative Creative Industries sector now and in the future.

Download the study here: This Is The Time Report