As our industry slowly returns to work, AAPTLE members are eager to make theatre again and to collaborate with our fellow artists and theatre workers. For many of us, any offer of work will be the first income we have received since March 2020. As much as we want to return to work, we call on producers to uphold, at a minimum, pre-COVID rates so that all workers and freelancers can be protected from being asked to pay for the recovery of the industry.

We also urge producers to acknowledge that the work required from every member of the production team is likely to take longer under the COVID-19 back-to-work guidance. When budgetary cuts are necessary these should sit in physical costs. They should not be made in peoples’ fees. Prior to 2020, fees and conditions were at an unsustainably low level for many within the freelance community.

It is vital for theatre’s ecology that our industry can be a beacon of inclusivity, access, diversity, sustainability and socio-economic representation. Fees need to make it possible for makers of all backgrounds and characteristics to afford to make the work. To ensure our progress, rates need to be upheld to support the removal of barriers and open up our sector to create opportunities to all regardless of ethnicity, gender, class, disability, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation and to those who are underrepresented: addressing the existing inequalities that were present pre COVID-19 and that now risk becoming even greater.

We acknowledge that some temporary terms have already been agreed. If, beyond the terms of the temporary agreements, members are offered lower rates of pay or reduced conditions, regardless of whether the job is accepted, we are advising our members to contact their professional bodies and their unions or representatives. These contracts should state that any reduced rates will be explicitly temporary and non-precedential.

Let’s work together to share best practice and create vibrant, inclusive, accessible and representative theatre and live entertainment of which we can all be proud. We invite all companies and producers to join us in this endeavour and put their name to this statement.

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Freelancers Make Theatre Work


Association of Lighting Designers

Stage Management Association

Costume In Theatre Association

Stage Directors UK

Association of Sound Designers

We Shall Not Be Removed

Movement Directors’ Association

Association of British Theatre Technicians

Stage Sight

Society of British Theatre Designers

Production Managers Forum

Class and Coronavirus

The Video Code

Association of Scenic Artists and Makers

Personal Managers’ Association

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Latest Signatures
221 Almiro A. Freelance Actor, Director and Translator
220 Jo T.
219 Julia H. Freelance Casting Director
218 Alyssa W.
217 Steffan D. Freelance Actor
216 Samantha N. Self-employed Freelancer
215 Kate M. Fuel
214 Chris M. CMPL Ltd
213 Samantha P. Sam Pickering
212 Peter S. Freelance Lighting Designer
211 Niall M. Freelancer
210 Lindsey H.
209 Miriam B. Miriam Buether ltd
208 Anna L. Freelance Designer
207 Helen J.
206 David G. David Glass Ensemble
204 rae s. Rae smith ltd
203 Joy H. Freelance musician
202 Gareth H. GJ Electrical and Event Services Ltd
201 Mark S. Freelance SM & PM
200 Andrew L. Freelance
199 Tim C. Made In China
198 Terry Lee D. PM and CM
197 David W K. Freelance Lighting Designer
196 Fred R. Unemployed due to covid
195 Holly P. Designer
194 David A. Freelance
193 Tassos S. Coney
192 Ed C. China Plate Theatre
191 Siobhán C. Major Labia
190 Joanna H. Hartle O'Hare
189 Elayce I. Freelance director
188 Vicky F. Royal Court Theatre
187 Charlie M.
186 Annabel S. Actress
185 Andrea P. November Club
184 Richard E. Elson Media Ltd
183 Manuel H. Manuel Harlan Photography
182 Pamela R. Pamela Raith Photography
181 Mihaela B. Freelance Theatre Photographer
180 Ellie K. Ellie Kurttz Photography
179 Helen M. Freelance theatre photographer
178 Marc B. Theatre Photographer
177 Richard D. The Other Richard
176 Richard L. The Other Richard
175 Johan P. Persson Photography
174 Helen M. Freelance Theatre Photographer (no union)
173 Tamykha P. Freelance Lighting Professional
172 Robin T. SDUK

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