While what support there has been for freelancers in theatre is coming to an end, the Chancellor is putting together his Comprehensive Spending Review for the next three years.   Funds in the short term are now all committed, whether it’s 

  • Regular subsidy via Arts Councils and devolved governments
  • Lottery funding for the arts
  • The £1.57 billiion cultural recovery fund.
  • SEISS and the general benefits system.

Little if any of this is reaching theatre freelancers directly, yet the UK Government has made it very clear there is no extra support to come.  


The one area of expenditure still up for grabs is the Comprehensive Spending Review, covering headline government expenditure for the period 2021-2023.  In the last two spending reviews, funding for the arts was cut by 30% 2010-2015, and set at standstill for 2015-2020.


Consultation for the new spending review is now open until 24th September 2020; the detail is set out here.  While consultation is open, it is hugely important to motivate our MPs to voice the concerns of the freelance theatre community to the chancellor.


If you can add your voice, and your own personal account via your MP it really makes a difference.  They need to hear our stories.