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Working in Europe

There’s a lot of changes happening in Europe and it can be daunting for artists who work or are planning to work on the continent.

We’ve curated a selection of resources we feel will help you navigate working in Europe and we update it regularly.

European Union Flag

Quick sheet

FMTW’s guide to why we need a Visa Waiver Agreement

Updated October 2023


Find out the latest information and useful linksabout Visas and permission to work for UK artists in the EEA


Useful links all about Carnets

A Carnet is a “passport for goods”

Tax & Social Security

There are currently no rule changes around Tax and Social Security

Official Government Resources

Official updates and advice from the British Government.

Schengen Visa Calculator

Calculate Your Legal Short-Stay Days in Schengen Area

What is ETIAS?

Find out which European countries require an ETIAS travel authorisation, who needs to apply and who is exempt.

7 myths and facts about ETIAS

The European Union’s myth-busting resource on the European Travel Information and Authorisation System

Financial Advice & Support

A list of financial advice websites and support pages


Studies and papers from various sources on the impact of Brexit and what is means

Further Advice

A selection of websites and organisations offering advice and updates on Brexit and The Arts

VIDEO - working in Europe panel

A panel of UK performing arts professionals discuss their recent experiences working in Europe.