Future Labs


A series of solutions-focussed conversations between freelancers and organisations that took place in Autumn 2020 to find ways to support freelancers through the current crisis, employ as many as possible in the reopening of theatres, and include us in shaping the future of our industry.


Reports from the first three series of #FutureLabs are available to read here.

What were the Future Labs?

Chaired by FMTW, each panel was formed equally of freelance theatre workers and representatives from organisations, as well as guest experts, gathered to search for solutions to issues identified by freelancers.

Through these discussions the aim was to develop practicable models for immediate and sustainable ways to support and engage freelancers. These conversations were an opportunity to share good practice, openly converse and formulate ideas. In the spirit of collaboration, they were conducted with an emphasis on shared learning and finding solutions.

How they worked?


Each Lab will be 2 hours long (with breaks) held remotely and chaired by a representative from FMTW.
Individuals will be invited to share ideas, provocations and examples of good practice in advance of the session in order to shape the conversation and direct it towards a search for solutions. In order to allow the participants to openly discuss the topic in question each session will be closed but a written report of the discussion will be produced.
Having had time for reflection and off-shoot discussions, panellists from across each series of Labs will be collectively invited to a follow up session. This will provide an opportunity to report back from each discussion, to return to the conversations, and for individuals to present their personal ideas, commitments or challenges. 
Content from this session will be recorded to share alongside the written reports.



The immediate aim of the Labs is to find ways to support freelancers through the current crisis, engage them in the reopening of theatres, and include them in shaping the future of our industry. Each discussion will be conducted in the pursuit of these solutions.

At the end of the series, we hope that we will be able to present these solutions in a way that organisations will be able to put into practice moving forward.

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