How are you feeling? Now more than ever there is a need to address the question of Freelancer’s well-being. FMTW cannot be a mental health service provider; however, below are some links to free initiatives we run, access to free and low-cost counselling services, video resources, and links to organisations providing a range of services that may be of interest, such as peer to peer support schemes. This is a start, and we’ll keep adding to it, but in the meantime, we hope it helps.

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Freelance Problem Solving

Monthly session on the first Wednesday of each month

 A facilitated, reflective practice group discussion hosted on Zoom, exploring the challenges or questions faced by Theatre Freelancers

More resources

Wellbeing in the arts logo

Wellbeing in the Arts provides mental health and wellbeing support to the Arts industry by offering access to low-cost counselling, wellbeing advice, workshops, training, and much more. www.wellbeinginthearts.org.uk.

From as little as £15 per session, their trained, BACP / UKCP accredited Counsellors, all of whom have an experience, knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges of working in the industry, will be able to work with you on any personal or professional issue from anxiety, depression and stress through to addiction, trauma and eating disorders.

All services are 100% confidential and no-one (including your employer) will know that you have been in touch with them.

If you would like to speak with them about your mental health or wellbeing, please get in touch by telephone on 0330 123 5574, What’sApp on 07496 896 436 or email at support@wellbeinginthearts.org.uk.

Enquiries will be responded to within one working day, and you will be able to meet with a Counsellor within five working days (earlier in cases of emergency).

Emergency & Immediate Support

A directory of emergency wellbeing services

Sexual violence support services

Useful links outside of the industry for support and advice on abuse and violence.

Free or low-cost counselling services

A directory of Free & low-cost wellbeing services tailored to the arts

Practical Self Help

Resources made by the FMTW team for you to use at home in your own time

Peer to Peer support

Organisations and groups built around peer to peer support within the arts

Directories and Online Resources

A useful list of arts related wellbeing resources