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Freelancers Make Theatre Work is a freelancer founded and led community for the 200,000+ self-employed and freelance workers from all areas of theatre, opera, dance and live performance, who make up over 70% of the UK theatre workforce.

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We accept donations of any amount and every penny really does help.

    • £5 covers the cost of of Zoom for two weeks
    • £10 could cover the cost of our website hosting for a month
    • £25 could cover our auto captioning software ( for 3 months
    • £100 covers our annual domain name renewal
    • £500 would cover a coordinator for a week

Freelancers Make Theatre Work is run by an amazing group of volunteers but there are costs we have to cover. These include web hosting, zoom accounts, subscriptions and three part time freelance employees who help keep the wheels of Freelancers Make Theatre Work turning.

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