Carbon Literacy Training

Free, subsidised and paid for Carbon Literacy Training.

We encourage ALL theatre companies and organisations to offer Carbon Literacy training to their freelancers as they would their salaried employees.

Carbon Literacy Training for Theatre Professionals

Delivered by Jennifer Taillefer, this training consists of a full day of learning, delivered in person, and including group discussions across organisations and departments about how we prepare for the effects of the climate emergency and what we as an industry can do to mitigate those effects and reduce our ecological footprint.

This training has been accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, and as such meets all the criteria for learners to be certified by that body. Certification by the CLP confers a meaningful and robust award which has been rolled out to over 35,000 learners in 15 different nations.

Carbon Literacy Training is a full day session involving 7.5 hours of training.

This training was developed in association with The Unicorn Theatre

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Carbon Literacy in Theatre – Jen Quinn

Through this workshop you will learn about the science and impacts of climate change; climate justice; carbon footprints; and ways to incorporate environmental responsibility into your work as a theatre maker. Delivered online, in person, or as a series of embodied creative drama sessions, the training involves facilitated discussion, giving all attendees the opportunity to align the learning with their own theatre practice whether they freelance or work within an organisation.

Workshops cost between £80 and £100 for freelancers.




Carbon Literacy Training for Designers and their Creative Associates

Created by Society of British Theatre Designers

This one-day course is specifically tailored to the needs of theatre designers and their collaborators, with a focus on freelance artistic practice and decision-making processes. We welcome directors, makers, production managers, creative workshop teams, choreographers, and producers.

The course will help you become knowledgeable and confident about sustainable practice both in the studio and in production and reveal the creative possibilities in working more sustainably by suggesting cultural shifts as well as practical solutions. You will get a recognised qualification at the end, via our accreditation by The Carbon Literacy Project, plus access to an online bank of resources to support your sustainability journey. The course is interactive, with opportunities to learn from each other as we work towards the changes we need to make in the industry.

This course is delivered regionally, by freelance theatre designers based in or with knowledge of the region.

To book a whole course or to enquire about upcoming courses in your area, please click here or email

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SAIL Carbon Literacy Training

Delivered by SAIL

Carbon Literacy Training provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to embed climate action in their personal and professional lives. SAIL’s Carbon Literacy Training is tailored to the cultural and creative sector, enabling all to reduce the carbon footprint of their creative activities.

We’ve been delivering the training to the sector since 2018, and have reached a significant milestone in having trained over 1000 people!

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Carbon Literacy Project

Carbon Literacy Project

Find open courses and local training.

The Carbon Literacy Project offers everyone a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy® learning, covering – climate change, carbon footprints, how you can do your bit, and why it’s relevant to you and your audience.

The Carbon Literacy Project is globally unique – there is nothing else quite like it anywhere. It was recognised as such by the UN at COP21, in Paris, where it was awarded as a TAP100, one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programs.

Open, community-facing Carbon Literacy courses are being put on more and more frequently. Here you will find a list of the organisations which arrange these course, sorted by area in which they operate. To find out more about course dates and availability in each locality please click through to the respective websites.

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Climate Leadership Training

Carbon Literacy Training for Business Leaders & Future Leaders

A 7 hour training course in carbon literacy and how to become a climate business leader.

Learn the need to know facts about climate change, why the UK Government has set targets to be Net Zero by 2050, and what that means for businesses.

Learn how to lead your business through the green revolution.

Earn the qualification of being Carbon Literate with official certification by Carbon Literacy Project.

Climate Leadership Training is led by Robin Lyons.

Robin is a professional public speaker, climate expert and co-director of one of the UK’s leading climate entertainment companies, Ergon Theatre Ltd.

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Carbon Literacy for Public Leisure and Culture

Community Leisure UK (CLUK) has designed a new Carbon Literacy course, building on our expertise of supporting charities and social enterprises working across public leisure and culture in England, Scotland and Wales.

This course is specifically designed for charitable organisations managing facilities within the public leisure and culture sector in England, Scotland and Wales. Local authority officers with a leisure or culture portfolio may also benefit from this course. Public leisure and culture facilities commonly, but not exclusively, includes leisure centres, swimming pools, sport halls, village/town halls, museums/galleries, libraries, and theatres.

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Useful Tools
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Climate Dramaturgy Toolkit

Climate Dramaturgy is the new artistic approach we take at HighTide when commissioning and producing theatre. It is an ever-evolving artistic practice that centres climate-positive choices and climate justice. We believe it helps us make joyful, inclusive and future-looking theatre.

Climate Dramaturgy essentially means:

1. Artists and producers, together, making climate-positive and carbon-reducing choices in their theatre-making.

2. All collaborators talking about these climate-positive choices in every creative conversation, from the very beginning of a project.

Climate Dramaturgy is not only for ‘plays about the climate crisis’. Instead, it’s an artistic practice that recognises that every play written today, every production made today, exists within a climate crisis.

Explore the toolkit here