Dawn Chorus

Vocal Warm Up


Free 30 minute Voice Sessions

Mondays at 9am (Fortnightly)

Next Session: December 13th at 9am
Final session of 2021

With Hazel Holder

Image Credits: Matt Humphrey and Curtain Call


Our voice is our purest form of identity.
And in these challenging times it is plausible that recent world events might have knocked us off kilter, so Dawn Chorus is offering you the opportunity to join with other freelancers in maintaining balance and vocal health with a series of short (30mins), free voice sessions. 
Come and join Esi Acquaah-Harrison,Deelee Dube, Rebecca Gausnell, Michael Henry, Hazel Holder, Gurkiran Kaur, Ellie Manners and Joel Trill 9am every Monday (fortnightly) to shake off the past, be present with your voice and get ready to speak to your future…


Code of Conduct


– In the main space we will keep microphones on mute for those not speaking to ensure the highest sound quality.

– Inviting people into your home can be exposing, we respect that some people may prefer to keep their video off.

– This is an informal space so get comfy, look out of the window, change position or move around.  You are very welcome to do so.

– If you need to leave for any reason at all please do so.  We understand that different people have different things going on and understand that these may need to be prioritised.

– FMTW Hosts are here to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

– We understand that Zoom may be new to some attendees and will make space to ensure everyone feels confident with the technology where required.

– Attendees will not record or screenshot the meetings.  Any recordings taken by the host will be for archive purposes and only feature those who have expressed permission to be recorded.

– If you do not want to talk in the session, it’s fine – Just being there with us is enough!

– If you are privileged because of gender, race, sexuality, class, ability or other factors we ask that you are mindful of this when engaging with others in the space.  People join our events from a range of lived experiences and we believe it is important to make everyone equally welcome and valued.

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