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More than 1100 music and arts industry professionals and politicians have called on Government to ‘work flat out’ to make a bespoke deal with the EU to agree a work permit exemption for all those who tour and rely on touring for a living.

An amazing 1135 people have signed a letter to Brexit Minister Lord Frost calling for a Cultural Passport for touring, would help tours travel through Europe without having to spend time and money negotiating visas and work permits with each EU country it passes through. The calls come after the UK Government’s failure to negotiate an exemption for creative artists and touring professionals who touring professionals whose livelihoods depend on post Brexit touring of the UK & EU27.

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Change the Brexit Visa rules stopping actors and musicians working in the EU

Right now more than ever, actors and musicians need as many opportunities as possible. But the exact opposite is happening, Brexit is taking opportunities away. This is no way to help us get back on our feet.

Please re-think the rules that now prevent actors, dancers and musicians from working in other European countries. And for EU performers to work here and boost our economy! Our industry is on its knees – we should be supported, not kicked while we’re down.

Change the laws to let actors, theatre workers, dancers and musicians take opportunities in the EU.

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Seek to agree freedom of movement in the UK and EU for British and EU citizens

Seek to agree a deal with the EU to allow freedom of movement after the transition period. The immigration bill was not decided democratically and could impact many lives negatively. Nationalism can damage international relations and it should not dictate one’s ability to move within the EU and UK.

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The Musicians’ Union - Let Touring Musicians Travel: Support Musicians Working in the EU Post-Brexit

Musicians, and other creative and cultural workers, are a distinct workforce with specific needs. Visa and customs rules post-Brexit need to account for that. 

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Offer EU musicians a free 90 day visa to work in the UK

The Government should offer EU musicians a free 90 day working visa for the UK without requiring them to hold a certificate of sponsorship from an approved promoter. This should then be used as leverage with the EU to negotiate the same for UK musicians and crews to work in the EU.

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Seek Europe-wide short term work permits for the photographic industry

To negotiate an extension to the permitted short term business activities under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Creating a free work permit for the Photographic Industry with an agreement for a Carnet exemption for photographic equipment, allowing Visa free travel throughout the 27 EU states.

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