Freelancers Make Theatre Work Supported Studies

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The Big Freelancer Report

One year on from the beginning of the pandemic, The Big Freelancer Report maps the problems facing the freelance workforce and makes practical recommendations for change.

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Study - Routes To Recovery

This report was created by an unaffiliated group of analysts and theatre freelancers. It includes data gathered by SDUK, Freelancers Make Theatre Work and Curtain Call through the Big Freelancer Survey, as well as pre-existing Arts Council data.

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Study - Interdependence: Freelancers and Organisations 2020

This report was written by Freelancers Make Theatre Work and includes data gathered from over 90 producing organisations throughout the UK.

Further Studies and Reports

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Studies - COVID and Theatre

A series of studies collated from various organisations specifically looking at how COVID-19 has impacted the Performing Arts

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Studies - Arts and Culture

Wider studies on Arts and Culture from governmental sources, arts bodies, theatre companies, organisations and more.

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