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Freelancers Make Theatre Work is run by a small voluntary group of freelancers. The group is not fixed but fluid and welcomes participants who are willing to give time. 


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2021 Newsletters - Click to expand

December 19 – How are you doing? by Mimi Doulton

December 7 – Freelancers Make Theatre Work and The 10 Principles by Sunita Hinduja

November 16 – Research with Freelancers Make Theatre Work

November 10 – Making theatre greener

November 2 – BUMPER EDITION: Heroes, Lobbying, 10 Principles and more… by Nikki Edmonds

October 27 – A better future, Art at Risk and Wellbeing by Matt Humphrey

October 19 – Volunteer with Freelancers Make theatre Work 

September 28 – Alone by Athena Stevens

September 20 – No, Minister by Mimi Doulton

September 15 – Universal Credit and the rise in National Insurance by Paul Carey Jones and Emma Jayne Park

September 6 – A Pattern of Behaviour by Paule Constable

August 10 – Touring in Europe by Paul Carey jones

July 28 – Writing to your MP

July 20 – Dear Industry, this is how we are feeling by Sunita Hinduja

July 14 – Balancing the Welcome

July 7 – The State of Play Across the Country

June 16 – The Future Of Theatre

June 8 – Amateur Choirs – We need their voice

June 3 – One year on

May 26 – A year of Freelancers Make Theatre Work

May 18 – Reopening and restoration by Keslie Acton

May 10 – Keeping the Freelance voice heard by Alistair Cope

May 4 – Movement When The World Stops by Laura Meaton

April 27 – Our new ‘Theatre Can Change’ campaign by Emma Jayne Park

April 20 – Last week, next week and beyond by Josie Underwood

April 14 – What if… by Mimi Doulton

April 6 – Kindness by Jake Orr

March 30 – Waiting for the phone to ring by Emma Cameron

March 23 – Bumper Edition! NT Workshops – Big Freelancer Report – Ghost Shows

March 16 – Hope by Freelancers make Theatre Work

March 9 – Analysis of Spring 2021 Budget Report by Athena Stevens

March 3 – Hello what is happening? by Titas Halder

February 23 – Brexit: Where do we go? by Paul Carey Jones

February 15 – Decisions by Beth Steel

February 8 – New Faces and New Energies by Steven Hoggett

February 2 – Speaking Truth To Power by Paule Constable

January 26 – All Party Parliamentary Group for Theatre by Emma Jayne Park

January 19 – Visas & Europe: What’s Going On by Bill Bankes-Jones

January 11 – The Road Ahead by Susan Kempster

January 4 – Happy New Year by Leo Wan

2020 Newsletters - Click to expand

December 14 – Two Invitations at Christmas by Ben Arkell and Sunita Hinduja

December 8 – Hope by Nick Barton-Wines

December 1 – Routes to Routes by Freddie Crossley

November 24 – Resting by Emma Jayne Park

November 17 – Future Labs Thoughts by Tom Piper

November 10 – Resilience by Sunita Hinduja

November 3 – You Could Not Have Prepared For This by Vicki Mortimer

October 27 – Back to the Future Labs by Jack Hudson

October 20 – Size doesn’t matter – it’s what you do with activism that counts by Rachel Bagshaw

October 12 – I want to dream again by Beth Steel 

October 5 – Thrive or Survive by Ben Arkell

September 28 – Cling tenaciously onto your dreams by Bill Bankes-Jones

September 21 – What we’re up to by Kelsie Acton

September 15 – Launching Future Labs by FMTW

September 7 – Do we dare to imagine a new future for our sector? by Prema Mehta

September 1 – What happens next? by Arran Pallan and Kelsie Acton

August 25 – How do we sustain ourselves and support each other? by Susan Kempster

August 18 – There are some great initiatives out there… by Vicki Mortimer

August 12 – Be part of the conversation by Sunita Hinduja

August 5 – Moving Forward Together by FMTW

July 28 – How do we rebuild better? by Rachel Bagshaw, Susan Kempster and Andrew Whyment

July 21 – Weekly Newsletter by Debbie Hannan

July 13 – Weekly Newsletter by Adele Thomas, Prema Mehta and Neil Austin 

July 6 – Weekly Newsletter by Vicki Mortimer

June 29 – Weekly Newsletter by Vicki Mortimer

June 22 – First Newsletter by Chinonyerem Odimba