Freelance Problem Solving


 A monthly, facilitated group discussion hosted on Zoom, exploring the challenges or questions faced by Theatre Freelancers

Wednesday 7th August – 7pm

What is it?

A reflective practice group is an invaluable opportunity to explore the challenges or questions you might be facing as a freelancer and receive tips, advice or support from your wider community of freelancers.

It’s a non-judgemental, facilitated space where you can connect with other freelancers to share knowledge, insights and experience.

In an industry where the pace of change can be constant the most relevant information and support is often that of your fellow freelancers.

How does it work?

Maybe you have a question or challenge and are wondering “how do other freelancers deal with this?”. It could be ‘where to leave ones cat while on tour’ or ‘how to manage a busy family life, job and career’. We will present your question to the group and see what responses emerge.

If you don’t have a question or don’t feel comfortable asking it, that’s okay. You can simply be in the space and listen in or join the conversation and share your own insights if you wish.

Whether you have a specific question or just like the opportunity to drop into a community of supportive peers as and when you need it, Freelance Problem Solving is a brilliant way of connecting and collaborating with your theatre community. 

Questions asked during the sessions have included:
What do people use to manage and prioritise workload as a freelancer?
What are the best ways people have found to engage with buildings to find work?
How do you keep track of the many hats you have to wear without loosing your head?

Sessions are FREE but we do ask you pre-book a slot as spaces in the sessions are limited. 

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00-10 Introduction, agreement and confidentiality

10-15 Connect and chat with other freelancers in break out rooms

15-50 Questions and insights

50-55 Reflection in breakout rooms

55-60 Final thoughts

Taking part

Anyone is welcome to attend and you can come along to participate or you can come along to listen. This is an open and inclusive space and we ask you to attend the sessions with kindness and respect.

Sessions are FREE but we do ask you pre-book a slot as spaces in the sessions are limited.


Andrew Macklin is an actor, facilitator and creative career coach. Andrew is a qualified and ICF accredited career coach.

His work focuses on the professional and creative development of artists, creatives and arts leaders working in the creative industries.

He holds a diploma in transformative coaching which is accredited by three the worlds leading coaching bodies the ICF, AC & EMCC.

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Freelancers Make Theatre Work acknowledges the whiteness in our spaces and our complicity in racist structures, and commits to being an actively anti-racist organisation and to diversifying our networks. 

Where appropriate, asking questions around racism and anti-racism is encouraged, with an acknowledgment that we have a duty of care to the people of the global majority that are in the room.