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Brexit Helpline Numbers

A comprehensive list of ‘Business Readiness Helplines’ broken down into themes (Health, Workforce & People, Business etc)

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Arts Admin - Europe touring guide

The tour must go on! UK artists and companies can still tour in Europe and this is how.

We’ve created a simple, practical guide to support and empower UK-based individual artists and small companies working in theatre, dance and live art to continue to tour work across Europe.

From insurance and visas to copyright and cabotage, the guide offers a practical step-by-step overview guide, case studies and country-focused details to help navigate the post-Brexit touring landscape and will continue to be updated as the rules and regulations evolve.

Commissioned by Arts Council England through 1927, Artsadmin and LIFT, the guide was written by independent producers and consultants Nadine Patel and Ania Obolewicz and it is available to read and download in text, audio and Easy Read formats.

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GOV.UK Brexit Checker

Brexit checker – personalised advice from the government about preparing for Brexit:

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GOV.UK DCMS guidance and sector advice

Information for DCMS sectors now that the UK has left the EU. This collection page brings together Brexit guidance for DCMS sectors on GOV.UK.

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Musicians Union

Post-Brexit deal, gigging in Europe sees the need for an increasing portfolio of documents to ensure trouble-free passage, to, from and through the 27 member states of the EU.

To help MU members with the increased administration, we have compiled a flowchart for musicians travelling to the EU – either solo or in groups – to assist in making sure you have the correct documentation prior to setting off. The flochart guid contains links to useful online resources.

Updated 22 February 2021

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And FAQ PDF on The EU – UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

An overview of 10 issues for the live performance sector answered in one minute.

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Spotlight - A Guide to Working in the EU If You're a UK National

What you need to know if you’re a UK citizen who is auditioning or working in the EU.

Whilst the Brexit deal may be updated in the future, for UK residents planning to work in the EU it’s important to know what the new rules are to make sure you’re not caught short by bureaucracy and border controls.

If you’re a UK citizen wanting to work abroad, here are the current rules that affect artists working in the European Union.

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A practical guide to touring for outdoor arts – XTRAX has teamed up with Split Second to produce an informative guide for touring post-Brexit.

The document is for companies, artists and festivals and aims to offer advice and some clarity on how to prepare to work internationally in 2021 and beyond.

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