Our Values


1. We want to listen to, advocate for and amplify the voices of freelancers.

2. We work to reflect the diverse world we live in through a sustained commitment to inclusion, accessibility and representation.

3. We grow trust by working with honesty and transparency.

4. We recognise and respect that everyone arrives at this work from a different starting point and with a different set of experiences.

5. We aim to work in a collaborative, non-hierarchical way and share responsibility for our actions.

6. We respect devolution and support freelancers working across all four nations of the United Kingdom, recognising the political, legal and cultural differences that arise from the individual contexts of each nation.

7. We endeavour to be solutions-focussed, addressing systemic issues both current and historic through action.

8. We foster empathetic and generous environments where everyone is safe to learn, ask for help, change their mind and make mistakes.

9. We endeavour to free spaces of bullying, coercion and passive aggressive behaviour.

10. We are proudly independent, volunteer and activist-led and we support each other as capacities change.


We are an anti-racism organisation


We are an anti-racist organisation. Everybody in, with or for our industry — people, partnerships or an organisation — needs to do more, MUCH MORE to work on anti-racism. Freelancers Make Theatre Work acknowledges the whiteness in our histories and our spaces, and our complicity in racist structures. We constantly commit to being actively anti-racist in our own organisation and to diversifying our networks. We encourage questions about anti-racism and the questioning of racism, with the acknowledgment that yielding space, recognising fragility, self-reflection and openness are all essential to deconstructing supremacism.