Following in the footsteps of our much needed 2020 report (‘Rebalancing and Reimagining’) and its 2021 follow-up (‘Road to Recovery?’) we once again set out to survey the landscape of cultural freelancers in Wales. Our aim was to find out more about the demographics of our freelancers and to explore experiences and perspectives of their profession in 2023. The following pages summaries the responses from the Freelance Check-In survey. It provides a snap-shot of the workforce, its resilience, and its concerns.

  • 60% of cultural freelance work took place in Wales
  • One in four freelancers still do not know whether they will stay or leave the industry
  • 50% had seen a downturn in the amount of work they do
  • Half of all freelancers would not be able to pay three months’ expenses using their savings, highlighting the financial precarity in the sector
  • 71% of freelancers feel unsupported in the culture sector
  • Brexit has left freelancers with fewer opportunities, less money, and more hassle

Read the full report here