The UK Theatre sector has faced a particularly challenging last couple of years, driven by restrictions and lockdowns. But although the effects have been acute for those working in theatre (most particularly freelancers), most theatres as organisations have emerged from the previous stages of the pandemic battered but intact. There have been few instances of venues that closed their doors being unable to reopen them.

This was better than many feared (and, of course, would not have been the case without the funding from central government, such as the Cultural Recovery Fund). There is a risk, however, that this next stage of ‘recovery’ is when the damage is felt. That although things are getting better, they are not getting better enough, fast enough, given what’s gone before.

This report summarises findings from the Cultural Participation Monitor, Audience Finder and elsewhere, to look ahead at likely sales for Christmas performances in UK theatres and venues. The overall outlook is not positive.

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