The journey of this census has been eventful. Have we asked every pertinent question? No. Pertinence has shifted throughout the process, and we have tried to adapt along the way.

SDUK (Stage Directors UK) began this journey with the desire to understand where the stage directing profession is in a nearly post-Covid 19 world. The participants included members of SDUK and non-members; this is not a survey of SDUK members but of the profession as a whole.

The data we have gathered is an essential tool to help us understand the questions which need to be asked, the provocations which need to be launched, and the support which needs to be provided. 523 directors participated in the census.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all who participated in the census, and we hope that the results will be a useful tool in creating a safer, more equitable and healthier U.K. theatre.

Read the full census here.