The below correspondence is posted here by kind permission from the Society of London Theatre

The Society of London Theatre (SOLT) is an organisation that works with and on behalf of their Members to champion theatre and the performing arts.

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Upcoming industry webinars
Following the upcoming Government announcement, we will host a new set of webinars next week. Details and registration links below:

Letter in support of the coach market
We have signed a letter written by the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK expressing concern to the political leadership of the GLA in respect of both the loss and potential loss of coach parking and pick up / drop off facilities in Central London.

Updated Media Briefing Notes
We have updated our media briefing notes – please find these here.

21 June – Social media moment
We are planning a big social media moment for 21 June that we can turn on or off depending on whether we get the go-ahead to reopen without social distancing. 

We want everyone to participate – from performers, to front of house, to freelancers, to marketing agencies, and beyond. We want every business that will be positively impacted by theatres being able to open fully to get involved too. We have two asks, depending on whether you’re an individual or a theatre:

  • Theatres reopening: please post a photo / short video of your doors opening with someone holding a sign saying ‘We’re #BackOnStage’.
  • Everyone else: please take a photo holding a sign with #BackOnStage to post on your social channels.

We will be in touch soon to coordinate posting times on 21 June.


Coronavirus Recovery Guidance

Wellbeing and mental health support for you and your staff

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