Young people have been hit hard by Covid-19 – especially their mental health and future job prospects. But we know that creativity can play a part in helping improve mental wellbeing and also in building the skills needed to take on future challenges and employment opportunities.

The Roundhouse Creating Futures report evidences, for the first time, the importance of our creative projects and the value of creativity on the future of the young people who take part in them – especially when it comes to getting a job.

We believe that young people should not be left behind in this crisis and we wholeheartedly believe that creativity has an intrinsic role in helping young people to become more resilient for the challenges that lay ahead.

Take a look at the report to find out how young creatives benefitted from their time at the Roundhouse and what we’re calling on the Government, funders and businesses to do, to support young people’s futures.

Read the report here.