Exeter University are looking for someone to be a member of a Lived Experience Panel for a research partner’s research project on live performance during the pandemic. This person will be involved at three key stages of the project. A bit more info about these stages can be found below.

Firstly, at a meeting on 25 May, 5-7pm (tbc) participants will exchange their experiences of being a freelancer working in theatre in England. The project is particularly interested in the situation of live performing arts during and in the wake of the pandemic and the impact of mitigation measures on the lives of freelancers. The first meeting will offer an opportunity to share panel members’ hopes for the industry and to steer the research questions.

The researchers will then draft literature reviews, which they will share with the panel by the second week of November. The panel will reconvene on 23 November, 5-7pm, to discuss the findings and to steer the researchers’ policy recommendations, based on their own contextual knowledge of where the priorities are in the England and what is culturally and structurally possible in the UK context.

Finally, in April 2024 (date and time tbc) they will be part of our report launch event, where they will participate in a roundtable as respondents.

Members of the LEP will be remunerated £100 for each of these interventions (i.e., a total of £300 for each LEP panel member).

If you are interested, please email Pascale Aebischer at P.V.Aebischer@exeter.ac.uk