FMTW were invited to join this initial meeting between representatives of the ALD, ASD, CITA, PMF, SBTD, SDUK, SMA, TDF, ABTT and Scene Change.  Neil Austin attended as the FMTW representative.

The meeting was called as a first conversation between these groups representing creative and backstage workers.  To encourage an open dialogue between them about the current crisis.

Each organisation introduced itself and explained what work they had been doing for their members during lockdown. The discussion moved onto the state of the industry and what the future looked like. Conversations were had about actions needed in the run up to a potential budget in a fortnight.

Resolutions of the meeting were:

  • All organisations agreed to publicise FMTW’s Big Freelancer Survey to help gather as much data as possible.
  • To explore writing an open letter to the industry at large encouraging wider collaboration and inclusion in decisions and campaigns
  • To meet regularly and keep the dialogue open between the groups present.

FMTW will  join next week’s meeting and share the information here.