Last week, we had a meeting with Karl Raw from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The meeting was about their seminar at The ABTT Theatre Show which will be focussed on health and safety for freelancers.

The Health and Safety Executive is Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety, dedicated to protecting people and places, and helping everyone lead safer and healthier lives. This includes freelancers working in a theatre or arts space.

Part of their seminar will be to explain how the HSE works and how we, as freelancers, are protected by them by law when in the workspace. This includes things like being supplied the right equipment and training for visiting technicians, but also things like being told where the fire escapes are and knowing who you should raise concerns with if you don’t feel safe or have been asked to do something which isn’t safe.

There’s also a heavy emphasis on mental health and wellbeing support.

Their session takes place on the 6th June at 2pm and they also have a stand (A80) which is open for you to drop in and ask any questions you have about Health and Safety for Freelancers in the arts.

Tickets to The ABTT Theatre Show are FREE and you can book your’s here.