Andrew Whyment and Paule Constable represented FMTW at ‘Future Theatre’ group’s meeting. There were over a hundred theatre workers in attendance, many of them freelance.

The meeting was two-hours in length and was chaired by Amanda Parker and Jude Christian.

The first hour was a ‘news hour’ where various speakers brought the group up to speed with projects they are currently working on:

  • Kate Bingham, Chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force, offered some information about progress with finding a COVID-19 vaccine and how this might affect the timeline for reopening theatres: Read more here

  • Mark Rylance spoke about his efforts to establish a National Nature Service: Read more here

  • Andrew and Paule spoke about FMTW and encouraged all those in attendance to join the campaign, write letters to their MP’s and make use of the resources on our website. Many freelancers in attendance were already aware of us and keen to engage.

The meeting continued with other speakers and a second hour in breakout rooms.

The group organisers plan to publish notes from their meetings and a full list of those who attend on a website they are currently building.

FMTW will continue attending and listening to the conversations about the future of theatre and sharing information here.