Andrew Whyment represented FMTW at ‘Future Theatre’ group’s meeting. As usual there were over a hundred theatre workers in attendance, many of them freelance.

Andrew was only available to stay for the first 40 minuets of the meeting – here is his report of that section of the meeting:

  • Stephen Daldry, Director, gave an update on the government support package announced yesterday. He made clear that the exact allocation of funds and what will go where is still very much in the air. The timing of the announcement was a surprise. The negotiations went to the wire last week and the figure jumped up dramatically in the last hours before the announcement.
  • Prasanna Puwanarajah confirmed that the report which has been written in response to the Big Freelancer Survey will be published on the FMTW website tomorrow morning at 11am.
  • Darren Bell, organiser of the arts protest planned for Saturday 11th July, confirmed that it will now be postponed in light of yesterday’s government announcement.

This group’s meeting minutes will now be published on the FMTW website in a tab under the News section called ‘Theatre Future’ Group News.

FMTW will continue attending and reporting back on the conversations about the future of theatre.