Chair: Josie Underwood

Minutes: Alistair Cope

Paul Carey Jones, Peter McKintosh

Apologies: Vicki Mortimer, Jake Orr, Mimi Doulton, Bill Bankes-Jones

  1. Welcome, introductions and value statements.

FMTW Values & Anti-racism statement 

(2 values to be randomly generated and read out and anti-racism commitment to be read out)

Values 3 and 1 were read out

  1. Updates & reports:
  • BFS

There is a meeting today at 2pm to finalise the launch next Wednesday. 

Josie and Al to discuss printing of poster.

A final last look over will be sent out to the wider group over the weekend.

  • Reece McMahon – finding date and time to meet

Poll will be dropped into the whatsapp group. This will be a governance and development chat. 

  1. Agenda points
  • ABTT Theatre show

What are we going to use our stand for this year? We can easily use lots of the stand from last year and update the video but it would be great to think of something else we could do this year.

Finding a way to capture some details/emails etc would be good too.

Worth discussing our response to the usual ‘can you find me some freelancers?’ question would be and how we engage employers and businesses.

  • CIISA meeting

This meeting is only going to be 30 minutes this time.

This will just be a check in meeting.

Josie to check who is available.

Alistair to send screen grabs of survey feedback.

  • DCMS meeting

Josie to send round invite and see who is available.

  • Sustainability – email in inbox

Paule and Vicki to meet Igor. 

Alistair to set up the sustainability section of website.

Josie to loop Alistair and Igor onto email.

  • Charity status

The final document has come through and is awaiting approval. Once this is done, we’ll then re-gather around the board and structure.

  1. Action points
  • Share BFS for final topline adjustments
  • Confirm poster printing plan and budget 
  • Josie to send round invite and see who is available for CIISA meeting on 14th March
  • Josie to send round invite and see who is available for DCMS meeting on 14th March
  • Josie to loop Alistair into email with Igor on sustainability
  • Alistair to set up the sustainability section of website
  • Josie to put call out about ABTT Theatre show ideas
  • Find time to meet Reece McMahon
  1. AOB
  • Globe lawsuit

Paul gave update. Please contact Paul if you would like an update.

There is a whatsapp group with some FMTW members in around this.

  • It is Paul’s birthday on Monday and he is turning 50!
  • Kenwright email

We haven’t gone back to him yet but we will arrange a meeting. Alistair is happy to be in on it.

  • The budget

PCJ – clearly there is money available if they can fund the National for some renovation. We need to be stronger at saying there is money available for the arts.