Chair: Josie Underwood

Minutes: Alistair Cope

Present: Alistair Cope, Josie Underwood, Vicki Mortimer, Jake Orr, Peter Mckintosh, Paul Carey Jones, Freddie Crossley

Apologies: Mimi Doulton

  1. Welcome & introductions

FMTW Values & Anti-racism statement

(2 values to be randomly generated and read out and anti-racism commitment to be read out)

  1. Updates & reports

Big Freelancer Survey

  • All on track and has gone smoothly (so far). First draft incoming to the wider group next week (or today) for feedback.
  • Feedback deadline is Friday 10th.
  • Finalised survey aimed for Feb 15 ready for translation
  • Launch March 1st

Big 12 Project

  • We are going to approach the Big 12 with the offer of a pilot programme to work with two of them. We will work with them to create a freelance charter/guidance and pilot it with them before pushing it wider among the group.
  • Quarterly meeting proposed too
  • Timelines being developed
  • Email written and ready to send early next week.

Vicki M. The National are currently working on some Freelancer charter and better working relationship things. They now have a Freelance ‘officer’ in the building. Could we add something into the letter about asking if any of them are developing anything?

AC- There are a lot of orgs and buildings who have been doing good work but there is no joined up thinking or ‘case studies’ around it? Maybe that is another BIG project. Collecting all these freelance initiatives and analysing them?

Exeter Uni – G7 Survey

  • Exter Uni (Pascal) are pitching on a huge piece of work looking at the pandemic response from each country to see what could be done better next time.
  • They’ve asked if we could come in on the project at three stages. Looking at the research questions (sense check from a freelance perspective). Looking at the raw data (not to analyse it). Then in April to help launch it. 
  • This would be more like a critical friend relationship. 
  • There is remuneration. 

Everyone on the call agreed this was a good idea to be a part of so Josie will confirm.

Rate of Pay. 

  • We are putting a pin in inviting Max Ringham in while we look at all the data currently available (BECTU, Equity, SDUK and Scene Change) and see where the gaps are.
  • Is our role in this to bring together ‘joined up thinking.’
  • We don’t want to replicate work.


  • Share letter to Big 12
  • Confirm with Exeter to go ahead pandemic research pitch
  • Share BFS questions
  • Share rates of pay docs to the project group


15th Feb (10-11am) – Big 12 Project meeting (timeline and fundraising)

23rd Feb (10.30-11am) – DCMS Meeting