09:30-11:30, FRIDAY 29 January 2021

Present: Kelsie Acton; Esi Acquaah-Harrison; Bill Bankes-Jones; Peter Brathwaite; Paule Carey; Paule Constable; Alistair Cope; Freddie Crossley; Anna Fleischle; Sunita Hinduja; Hazel Holder; Jack Hudson; Susan Kempster; Chinonyerem Odimba; Peter McKintosh; Prema Mehta; Vicki Mortimer; Arran Pallan; Emma Jayne Park; Beth Steel; Athena Stevens; Ella Taylor; Adele Thomas; Leo Wan; Andrew Whyment

New Members 

We had a meeting this week about our process for adding new members and discussed more effective ways to grow  the core organizational group, specifically around areas of activity that we are lacking.

In particular we are looking for ‘doers’ who are ready to jump in and help push our work right away, in the spirit of a collective of volunteers who don’t have all the answers. It would be good to think about people who could link us up with other groups and areas of the industry.

Our regular meeting on Friday 5th February will be a meeting specifically designed to welcome new participants into the work we do. These will largely be people we have individually invited but does not rule out people who have volunteered or responded to previous call outs. It was suggested that we do a new call out after this meeting, perhaps to specifically to target areas or representation that we are lacking, in order to ensure that this isn’t all happening behind closed doors.

Names were proposed and gathered during the meeting.

  • On Monday we will confirm people to invite to the meeting next Friday.
  • In the meantime, people should reach out to their suggested individuals to ask if they can come next week and if they have capacity to contribute to activity and attend the regular Friday meetings.


Our current projects have been organised into a shared Miro board, which has been split into three rows: weekly activities (e.g. tea breaks); projects (e.g. Future Labs); and reactive work (e.g. the Westminster Media Forum).

Activities are colour coded as follows:

  • Grey: for Alistair to handle
  • Green: to be picked up by individuals
  • Yellow: projects and activities (light yellow means it is currently paused)

Eventually each post-it note will link to the information and resources related to that project, which will allow new members to update themselves easily.

Administrating this will be a collective responsibility but likely overseen by the proposed administrator role.

The second board illustrates how the activity links up and who is leading each project, as well as connections with external groups.  Several groups were listed in the meeting to be added to the board and it was suggested that a new ‘ring’ be added to illustrate groups that we are aware of but don’t currently have active connections with.

When considering potential partnerships with new organisations it was suggested that we continue to use our values document to ensure they are actively aligned with our principles.


  • David Glass has offered to lead a session on cultural leadership if we are interested. The general consensus is that we are and that it should be a separate session from the Friday meetings. We will ask him to tell us when would work for him during the week.
  • The Future Labs article has been published in Arts Pro. FMTW’s name does not feature until towards the end, which we will email to amend. A suggested social media follow up has been postponed for a dedicated  conversations.
  • We have been sent a few jobs and opportunities to share on our platforms. It was agreed that we should only share opportunities that are free and that we should avoid being a jobs board.
  • The newsletter next week will focus on our meeting with DCMS, the Westminster Media Forum and other political activity from the week.
  • Please continue to suggest people who were about to stage work which had to be cancelled or postponed, in particular emerging artists, for the podcast.

Upcoming Meetings:

5th Feb: Main Meeting – NEW MEMBERS

Chair: Peter McKintosh / Minutes or blog: TBC

12th Feb: Main Meeting

Chair: Emma Jayne Park / Minutes: TBC

19th Feb: Projects Meeting

Chair: Ben Arkell / Blog: TBC

26th Feb: Main Meeting

Chair: Anna Fleischle / Minutes: TBC

5th March: Projects Meeting

Chair: Peter McKintosh / Blog: TBC