FMTW Meeting Minutes 27th May 2022

Chair: Josie Underwood

Minutes: Alistair Cope

Present: Josie Underwood, Alistair Cope, Mimi Doulton, Emma Jayne Park, Paule Constable, Jake Orr, Nikki Edmonds

Apologies: Vicki Mortimer, Kelsie Acton, Paul Carey Jones, Freddie Crossley, Sunita Hinduja, Nikki Edmonds, Leigh Toney, Peter McKintosh, Bill Bankes-Jones

  1. Welcome & introductions 

Values 1 and 9 were read out as well as our anti-racism statement

  1. Updates & reports:

We are talking next week off.

The following week we will go through the doc above to create a ‘practical plan’ of how FMTW moves forward. Josie to email and explain as well as remind the following week.

  1. Agenda points
  • Big Freelancer Survey – reporting (JU/AC/PCJ)

We now have all the data and are working through it. We are going to do a report with the ‘rapid data’ showing percentages etc of the answers

A second report will be formed using the wider data to ‘tell the story of where we are.’

The rapid data should be used by anyone and everyone for quick data points.

We will need help going through the main bulk of the feedback data as there is ‘an embarrassment of riches.’

  • ABTT Show (JU)

Just under a month to go.

Pencils and badges ordered. 

Peter has some details about the stand in order to ‘make it pretty.’

We may need to source our own TV.

Who wants to come down and be on the stand? Open invite.

EJ to potentially travel to London to sit on the freelancer panel. FMTW to cover expenses and accommodation. We are going to find out about the diversity of the panel first,

  • Symposium update?

Discussion taken to Slack


  • Josie to email everyone about next week off and the ‘practical solutions meeting’ the following week
  • Al and Josie to meet to discuss the logistics of feedback/voting on decisions from the above meeting so everyone can contribute even if they can’t attend.
  • Create a doc to log questions that government etc are needing/wanting so our survey data can be appropriately used.
  • Find out about the diversity of the ABTT Freelancers panel
  • Mimi to write response to PRS Tweet:
  • Call out to see if anyone wants to talk about topline reporting for BFs2