Chair: Peter McKintosh

Minutes: Sunita Hinduja

Updates and reports

Read out the principles – 10 and 3 

  • Update SOLT/ UK Theatre after a meeting Paule and Sunita.  Meeting was around the 10 principles.  Agreed that we support the 10 Principles but should go out along side a newsletter from us that.

SOLT – do we become a member….? Is that a conversation to have.  EJ suggested in the Chat a timeline of, when we were contacted and how were we engaged, what our actions are.

Action – respond to the meeting we had, we would be willing to support, but is the beginning of a conversation. Paule.

  • Wellbeing invite went out, slow response.  Monthly Dance, yoga session offered, tea breaks are on the return next week. Dawn Chorus running, HH.  Kombat Kate running free boxing again – we will share on our socials.

Discussion was had around the word volunteer.

Conversation was had around the unlock programme and working through that.

  • AAPTLE – update from peter.  Very useful, but not optimistic.  Concerns raised over lip service to the work that has gone into work been done.  A lot of running into brickwall.  AS mentioned that it is useful to put a lot about of people around the issues.  EJ discussed the possibility of creating a space that enables people in theatre newer to activism that change takes time, highlighting that the small changes are worth celebrating. 
  • Half Term next week – No Friday meeting proposal.

Action –  to plan out the years breaks in meetings – to help people plan.

  • Anti Racism section on the website Al would like to get some people around. 

Curtain Call – jobs site – discussion was had about sharing the curtain call – consensus is that free platforms who share FMTW values we should share to the wider community.

  • Big Freelancer Report – A very initial meeting a has been had about running this survey again, to gain comparable data.  Conversation was had about constructing a series of questions that could enable an “annual freelancer census”.  MH from Curtain Call about collating data for the whole live arts and entertainment sector and the University of Essex.  In order to get a large amount of both qualitative and quantitative data.  
  • Newsletter – in place for this week.
  • Advent Calendar – suggestion that there is a realistic advent.  But run it over Dec 15th – January to go counter the capitalist Christmas advent. Call out to the wider community perhaps.