Chair: Josie Underwood

Minutes: Alistair Cope

Present: Josie Underwood, Alistair Cope, Vicki Mortimer, Paule Constable, Emma Jayne Park

Apologies: Kelsie Acton, Jake Orr, Paul Carey Jones


Updates and reports

  • ABTT Mental Health Round table (Al)

A good meeting. The Guidance note is in a good place but there are also lots of things to cover. 

Lots of talk about the guidance also helps those freelancers who are involved in a production for a short time (riggers who perhaps are only in for a couple of hours etc).

VM: Could it be a toolkit? Like the Unlock Programme or The Green Book?

Could we (FMTW) create a Freelancer toolkit? We talk a lot about ‘but how does this work for Freelancers. Could we make it? Perhaps a meeting to discuss the pros/cons and objectives of this? COuld it be a point of focus for the symposium?

-Action point – Set up a meeting for first discussions around an FMTW toolkit

  • Big Freelancer Survey (Josie)

A good meeting. Lots of talk about how we gather the data of who has left the industry and really show how bad it has got. Next meeting in a couple of weeks.


Lobbying – Paule and EJ to set up a meeting with people who have expressed an interest in joining the lobbying group.

Symposium – Richard from People Make It Work has submitted an application alongside FMTW, Inc Arts, Migrants in Theatre, We shall not be removed and other like minded allies. We should hear in a few weeks.

BAC – EJ – Things have stalled a little. Can we get some admin support? JU – Yes.


  •  Set up a meeting for first discussions around an FMTW toolkit
  • Write up an invitation for lobbying group (Paule)
  • Josie to email those who have responded to Lobbying call out (JU)
  • Paule to email Arts Council about their current survey to ask how it is reaching freelancers.
  • Josie to step into the BAC project to help get some communication back on track (JU)
  • Rearrange anti racism meeting
  • Ask Sunita about ‘Donmar’ away day event. (JU)

Meetings this week:


Dawn Chorus – 9-9:30am


We Make Events Brief: 9:00-10:00


Anti-racism – Inc Arts Unlock: 9:00-10:00 


Friday Catch up – 9.30-11.30