09:30-11:30, FRIDAY 11 December

Present: Ben Arkell; Bill Bankes Jones, Sally Beck Wippman; Paule Constable; Alistair Cope; Freddie Crossley; Jack Hudson; Matt Humphrey; Emma Jayne Park; Susan Kempster; Peter McKintosh; Prema Mehta; Vicki Mortimer; Beth Steel; Athena Stevens, Ella Taylor; Adele Thomas; Leo Wan


Online, emails and merch

  • Setting up links and rotas channel on Slack to ‘pin’ important/current working documents


  • Episodes ready to be released, beginning with the advent calendar
  • Ideal proposed to feature directors whose shows have had to close in second lockdown


  • Dawn Chorus team set up and ready to rotate in the new year
  • Boxing sessions will continue throughout January
  • Meeting with external wellbeing project later today to explore possible support from FMTW
  • Future wellbeing spas to be discussed in Slack or meeting next week

Group audit

  • To be picked up after the Christmas break

Tea Breaks

  • Operator and host needed for the 17th Dec – to be picked up in Slack
  • Proposal made for a rota on Slack and/or the shared drive

Advent Calendar

  • We still need at least 9 pieces of content for the advent calendar as soon as possible

Big Freelancer Report

  • The current focus is on gathering the reports and summaries that have been collated during this time
  • There are ongoing discussions about how we can contribute to press coverage


  • The Xmas newsletter will be posted as a blog, shared by external groups and sent to organisations

Future Labs

We are composing an article detailing 10 points that came out of the Future Labs discussions. In order to get this completed in time for the deadline in January, we have decided that each one should be written by a different freelancer. The word count only allows for about 90 words each so this should not be a huge task. We have begun allocating people and will follow up next week with a suggested template.

In the new year we will pick up plans for an accompanying social media campaign and possible film, as well as plans for a “tenth event” progressing the work of the Future Labs.

Chairing/Minuting Friday meetings

It has been suggested that a rotating team be formed to handle chairing and minuting of the regular meeting in the new year, in order to deal with increasingly fluctuating capacities. A simple guide for both tasks will be shared next week.

It was also suggested that the ‘Updates’ at the beginning of the meeting move online, on Slack or via email, in order to free up time to discuss more complex issues and projects.

Activity in the new year

We will pick up a discussion about the structure and capabilities of FMTW in the new year. There is a feeling that we need to dedicate more of our energies to press and lobbying, which might require more support and/or external assistance. A suggestion was made that we engage a facilitator to assist in structuring our activity moving forward and that we investigate inviting new individuals into the organising team.

Recap action points

  • Rota channel to be created on Slack
  • Discuss plans for wellbeing spa days in the new year
  • Submit content for the advent calendar
  • Follow up with individuals for Future Labs article content
  • Share guide for chairing and minuting


A survey has been shared with us for consultation before it is released by a press publication – to be shared in Slack

We have drafted a drafted to an industry conference about the lack of freelance representation, which has been shared in Slack for feedback before sending.

Date and times of next meetings

Regular meeting – Friday 18 December, 09:30 – 11:30 (Chair: Adele Thomas)


Regular meeting – Friday 08 January, 09:30 – 11:30 (Chair: Peter McKintosh)