16:00, FRIDAY 09 October

Present: Esi Acqaah-Harrison, Kelsie Acton, Sally Beck Wippman, Nafeesah Butt, Emma Cameron, Paule Constable, Alistair Cope,  Freddie Crossley, Cynthia Duberry, Sunita Hinduja, Hazel Holder, Jack Hudson, Peter McKintosh, Vicki Mortimer, Arran Pallan, Emma Jayne Park, Beth Steel, Ella Taylor, Leo Wan


Website, social media and emails

  • Digital updates shared in Slack
  • No email updates

Tea Breaks

  • Second tea break was another success, about a dozen people came
  • Host in place for next week – very easy and simple to do if anyone wants to do
  • Will continue to share – blog piece coming


  • Partnering with Curtain Call (10k mailing list and USA reach)
  • Finishing episode one and beginning work on episode two
  • Title suggestions being discussed in Slack


  • Next week’s newsletter drafted and posted in Slack
  • Suggestion for the next one to focus on the political situation

Spa Day

  • The day was very successful, for us and for the people who came
  • Feedback from attendees shared in Slack, expressing feelings of wellbeing benefit
  • Definitely up for doing it again, will need to think about paying facilitators
  • A lesson for next time – social distancing makes everyone’s arrival take longer
  • Arranging attendees would benefit from a longer lead-in time
  • We will explore repeat events and other venue options (inc. outside of London)

Core Values

  • Work on core values and working structures document(s) to continue this week.


  • Store going live this weekend – share on social media
  • Proceeds to be channelled back into our work (e.g. facilitators for spa days)

Current MP letter

  • Updated and pushed out on the website

Future Labs

  • First three panels happened this week and were a great success
  • Meeting on Monday morning to discuss the follow up session and the next panels

Recap action points

  • Meet on Monday morning to discuss the next steps for the Future Labs
  • Share the merchandise store on social media
  • Continue work on our Core Values document(s)
  • Begin planning next Spa Days, and explore venues outside of London
  • Decide Podcast title and finish editing episode 2

Dates and times of next meeting

Future Labs – Monday 12 October, 10:00am (chair: Jack Hudson)

Tea Break – Thursday 15 October, 11:00am

General Catch Up – Friday 16 October, 9.30am (chair: Ella Taylor)