Only 22 Days after we first came together, we had our 4th meeting of the collective.  It came at the end of a rather busy week in which we launched our website, wrote an open letter to the Government, started a social media campaign and got locked out of Instagram.

Unfortunately our three previous meetings went un-minuted.  We were young, scrappy and hungry, and moved too fast for any of us to note down what was said!   The result of those meetings are what you see of us now.  Pick up the story here with meeting 4.

(We are aiming to publish the minutes of all future group meetings here.  At the moment we hold a weekly meeting for all the team, and that’s what will be minuted, to allow transparency to you about what we’re discussing.

There are many smaller working groups spinning off to talk about individual issues or areas of our mission, these won’t be minuted as we’re just a small bunch of volunteers and the admin is drowning us already)!

Read the minutes here