Paule Constable, one of the FMTW volunteers, joined a group meeting the Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, this week to raise awareness around the issues of post Brexit travel for all of us in the performing arts.  

The meeting was convened by Sir Bernard Jenkin MP who is passionate in his commitment to helping solving the problems we are facing.    

Deborah Annetts from the ISM lead the meeting – and supported Paule, Dame Sarah Connolly, Marie Sophie Willis from the Sixteen, Donagh Collins of Askonas Holt, jazz guitarist Chris Allard, Mark Pemberton from the Association of British Orchestras and Ian Smith from UK Europe Artswork giving evidence about the different important issues that are stopping us working within the EU.  Deborah then proceeded to offer the solutions articulated in the ISM’s brilliant recent letter.  

It was heartening to see that the Secretary of State was very open to hearing our evidence and clearly acknowledged the scale and complexity of what we are facing in the Performing Arts.  It was an extremely positive meeting with a clear sense of both Oliver Dowden and Sir Bernard Jenkins wanting to help.  

Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary