Chair: Josie Underwood

Minutes: Josie Underwood

Present: Jake Orr, Vicki Mortimer, Paul Carey Jones, Peter McKintosh, Bill Bankes-Jones, Josie Underwood

Apologies: Paule Constable, Alistair Cope

Values 5 & 8 were read, alongside our anti-racism statement

Updates and reports

  • Big Freelancer Survey

JU – We have 745 responses to the survey – which I think is higher than this stage last year, but hard to determine. Deadline is penciled for April 10th, but we are going to extend until the 17th to allow for more responses.

PCJ – We have 2 planned newsletters next week about the survey ready to get one last push. Aiming to get 1000+ is ideal for data analysis.

BBJ – can we send to agents?

VM – has it been shared with The National, as nothing has been shared by their networks.

JU – no, personal share encouraged!!

  • Board update

VM – Hazel, Vicki and Paule have been working on growing the board, and have asked Chino who is coming onboard to help. Aiming to have a board of 7-8 people between now and september, who will be gathered along the way. Conscious of only 3 people making these decisions, and openness and ethics. JU helping to find 3 meeting dates between now and sep. Main question is ‘what is the ask and what is the commitment?’ Any brainwaves welcome! Keen not to have a conventional hierarchy and profile. Rotating chair would be great, and a board made up of freelancers, where we pay for financial advice etc externally.

JU – do you need support from the wider group?

VM – only light touch admin support at the moment

Agreement from the group that this sounds like a good plan for moving the board forward.

BBJ – Tet a tet rotating chair works really well. Keep looking at those who turn up.

  • Charity Status

JU – We have submitted our application and have been notified that they are assigning a case worker.

JO – what is the timeline?

JU – will update when this becomes available

  • Fundraising update

JU – second installment of funds from Maria Bjornsen are being processed now. Paul Hamlyn funds have been received and work on FCR project is ongoing. Backstage Trust funds still require us to focus some energy on workshops. Now is the time to approach annual funders – buildings and orgs that have previously funded us – shall we do this, what is the ask?

PM – after speaking with Igor, would be good to have a project that this ask is centred around

JO –  agreement, let’s revisit what the ask is and clarify where the money will go towards. Also revisit the different reactions from those we have previously approached, and assess how these conversations have gone previously. Explore tiered system.

JU – ask organisations what they need for their freelancers?

VM – this places more responsibility on the organisations. Money is currently scary for all orgs! What is the plan with igor?

PM – practical suggestions for battling climate crisis

JU – let’s ask Alistair where this conversation got to

  • Poster campaign

JU – all posters have been sent/delivered to all the stage doors we have on the list. Will share the list we have and if anyone has theatre to add please let me know!

  • ABTT Theatre show

JU – we are planning our stall for the ABTT theatre show (June 5&6th)

PM – perhaps a model box with little freelancers making the FMTW logo? 

JU – Love it! Any additional ideas welcome!


PCJ – FMTW has been mentioned in a number of reports recently:

  • ACE – page 80 of the full report:

  • University of Eexter Pandemic Preparedness:

  • House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee Statutory Sick Pay report – pages 29 and 30:

Action points:

  • JU – share list of theatre addresses for post campaign
  • ALL – add to list of theatres for poster campaign!
  • JU – set up meetings for board (x3), ABTT theatre show planning, fundraising