CLA has regularly gathered data on arts GCSE and A-Level take up, and on arts teaching hours, but this is the first time that key arts education data (2010-2023) has been comprehensively gathered together in one place. We are expanding our reporting across five new key indicators to provide a detailed survey of children’s and young people’s access to the Arts through their schooling in England.

We now have a very clear view of what has been happening to Expressive Arts education in state schools over the past 14 years – since the introduction of the EBacc – and it is a stark picture of erosion and inequality.

Findings include:

  • There has been an overall decline of 42% in the number of Arts GCSE entries since 2010
  • In 2009/10, 14% of all GCSE entries were in Arts subjects; by 2022/23 the figure had halved (7%)
  • There are schools which no longer offer some Arts subjects at all at GCSE level: 42% of schools no longer enter any pupils for Music GCSE; 41% of schools no longer enter any pupils for Drama GCSE; and 84% enter no pupils for Dance GCSE
  • There has been an overall 21% decrease in Arts entries at A-Level since 2010

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