Freelancers Make Theatre Work contacted SOLT and UK Theatre to raise their concerns about how all freelancers had been treated by the producers of Cinderella.  SOLT have responded with an initial brief conversation to learn about the specific areas of concern.  We are awaiting news of a further conversation and will continue to keep the pressure on SOLT/UK Theatre to understand that something has to be done in this situation.  The actions of one of their own are too harmful to ignore. 

We all understand that shows have to close – but the Cinderella closure is a really good argument for the needs for tangible, actionable and non-abstract asks. The SOLT 10 principles are great, but too abstract, and neither quantifiable nor measurable. And until the industry and those with power agree that enough is enough, then situations like this are just going to keep happening.

We need to challenge SOLT to come up with tangible regulations related to “a culture of respect”.

If SOLT/UK Theatre actually care about freelancers and the serious skills shortages we are all experiencing then they should take this moment to show that they don’t condone such cruel and shocking behaviour.

We will continue to update you when we have further news.