Brass and Woodwind Safety in the COVID envirorment

This video intends solely to show that the the commonly held belief that wind and brass instruments “project” air over great distances is not true. As a result, “droplets” are not spread a great distance as some assume. This video does not address any aerosol issues. Aerosols may or may not be a significant means of transmission. While there have been studies that show aerosols can remain in the air for a period of time, it has not (as of yet) been shown scientifically that this is a major means of actual virus infection. While anecdotal, it should be noted that there are not generally huge outbreaks of flu each year in orchestras and recording studios. If aerosols were a huge contributing factor in virus transmission, one would think that every year there would be large outbreaks of flu in performing organizations. There are not. This video is not, in itself, a scientific study, but was meant to demonstrate information provided in other scientific studies. For those interested in these studies that are specific to musical instruments and performances, please investigate the following links:

You Tube Video

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