Peter McKintosh represented FMTW at BECTU’s Zoom webinar. There were 175+ people attending.   The meeting was 90 minutes in length and was chaired by Phillipa Childs, Head of BECTU

The panel consisted of:

  • Alex Pumfrey, Film and TV charity CEO

  • Adeel Amini, founder of the TV Mindset

  • Peter McKintosh, Freelancers Make Theatre Work

Alex made a presentation on the experience of film and TV workers during the pandemic

Adeel talked about grassroots perspective of how freelancers are dealt with in TV and what the issues were before The crisis and what needs to happen next for freelancers and protecting their mental health

Peter shared some insights into how Freelancers Make Theatre Work came about and how it aims to listen and respond to experience of theatre freelancers

Presentations followed by a Q&A on the TV, film and theatre industry response to mental health issues, and how effects of the COVID-19 crisis will impact them.  Also how we can all do better at supporting each other through these unprecedented times and ongoing, and help de-stigmatise the conversation around mental health in the workplace.

The conversation also covered diversity and inclusion, workplace bullying and disability, emphasising the need for new and more positive ways of moving forward in the future, to a healthier, happier workplace.

Some useful links which came out of the chat, which FMTGW are adding to their Mental Health section of the website:

  • Guild of Television Camera Professionals  –  Mental Health Supplement  – not just screen industry specific, many useful links.

  • Big White Wall  –  Peer-to-peer online support moderated by trained practitioners, including self-help courses.

  • The Cow Shed  –  Peer support primarily for the events industry. Audiocast, blog and helplines.

  • Film TV charity  –  led by Alex Pumfrey (on the panel this morning)  Commitments to addressing racism in the industry.

  • 6ftfrom  –  Emotional health & wellbeing support – set up for the tv & screen industries, but running trainings which are applicable to the theatre sector.