Paule Constable attended the weekly AAPTLE meeting.  Stuart Beeby spoke who is operations director at ATG and is on the Freelance Taskforce around reopening and audience and buildings.  He spoke about the government tests (including the Palladium test that Sunita and Tom attended) – about how they had been considered successful and we would be moving to Phase 4 on August 1 which is opening indoor theatres with social distancing in place.  Discussed how cost prohibitive this is.  Also perilous situation for freelancers as regards insurance and lack of involvement in the conversation.  We all agreed we needed to hear from someone on the Rehearsals taskforce as they were much more concerned with back of house.  Action point was to create a sub group to create a document listing what freelancers need form GMs and producers in terms of track and trace and employment generally through the pandemic.  Discussion moved on to bad practice form producers – lack of representation via Equity and BECTU and new agreements being put in place everywhere that put pressure on the freelancers.  Equity and BECTU are being invited next week and a working group being set up to look at best practice for freelancers as regards employment – and how we protect our workforce and share info.