National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education:

All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education

This report from 1999 about Creative and Cultural  Education still has much relevance today.

“This report argues that a national strategy for creative and cultural education is essential to that process. We put the case for developing creative and cultural education; we consider what is involved; we look at current provision and assess the opportunities and obstacles; and we set out a national strategy.

By creative education we mean forms of education that develop young people’s capacities for original ideas and action: by cultural education we mean forms of education that enable them to engage positively with the growing complexity and diversity of social values and ways of life. We argue that there are important relationships between creative and cultural education, and significant implications for methods of teaching and assessment, the balance of the school curriculum and for partnerships between schools and the wider world.”

Download “All Our Futures” here: All Our Futures