FMTW attended the second joint meeting of the Professional Associations. Neil Austin and Paule Constable were the FMTW representatives, along with Prema Mehta for Stage Sight and representatives of the ALD, ASD, CITA, PMF, SBTD, SDUK, SMA, TDF, ABTT and Scene Change.

The meeting was a continuation of last week’s initial meeting.

Resolutions of today’s meeting were:

  • To join together into an official umbrella organisation – Alliance of Associations and Professionals for Theatre and Live Events
    or AAPTLE for short

  • To work towards making our industry a safe, inclusive and sustainable place to work,  now and in the future.

  • To inform and share each other’s actions in order to have a unified voice in our industry.

  • To publicise this alliance throughout the industry ensuring that it is a mechanism through which unions, managements, producers and government can talk to and hear a unified voice from the creative and backstage workers represented by the individual associations. 

FMTW will  join next week’s meeting and share the information here.

Read the minutes here