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Tea Breaks


Our Virtual Tea Room is now closed.

Watch this space for further announcements. 

Fancy a cuppa?

An open invitation to our virtual Green Room for those who have missed checking in with their work family!!!  Bring a cuppa and grab a comfortable seat as we find a way to be together.  Turn up if you can and for as long as you can. The conversation is fluid so we could talk about work, politics or even Bake Off (although we ask that you are careful with spoilers).

For those who would rather catch up with folks you know, we encourage you to set up your own Freelance Tea Break:  it could be over the phone, on Zoom or shouting over your garden fence. We would love for you to share your experiences using #FreelanceTeaBreak.

No need to sign up

The Freelance Tea Break Zoom Link will be posted here at 1055 every Wednesday.

This is designed to be a safe, informal space.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time please let the host know and they will deal with any situations arising accordingly.

Next Tea Break


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This is an informal moment, a pause from the movement to catch up and check in with your freelance community. There is no agenda, no deeper mission, just a moment for us all to be together.


We love a hashtag almost as much as we love to dunk a biccy in our cuppa. If you’re having your own Freelancer Tea Break with your chums, pop us a tweet with #FreelancersTeaBreak so we can see (and get scone envy)


Due to budget constraints we are currently not in a position to provide BSL or captioning for these events.  We know that this will make them inaccessible for many freelancers.  We are working to remedy this and if you could offer any support in this area we would love to hear from you.

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Code of conduct


– In the main space we will keep microphones on mute for those not speaking to ensure the highest sound quality.  You are welcome to negotiate this as you need to in your break out spaces.

– Inviting people into your home can be exposing, we respect that some people may prefer to keep their video off. If someone is doing this in your break out room please make efforts to include them.

– This is an informal space so get comfy, look out of the window, change position or movearound you are very welcome to do so.

– If you need to leave for any reason at all please do so.  We understand that different people have different things going on and understand that these may need to be prioritised.

Hosts are here to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

– We understand that Zoom may be new to some attendees and will make space to ensure everyone feels confident with the technology where required.

– Attendees will not record or screenshot the meetings.  Any recordings taken by the host will be for archive purposes and only feature those who have expressed permission to be recorded.

– If you do not want to talk in the session or participate directly in activities, this is fine.  Just being there with us is enough!

– If you are privileged because of gender, race, sexuality, class, ability or other factors we ask that you are mindful of this when engaging with others in the space.  People join our events from a range of lived experiences and we believe it is important to make everyone equally welcome and valued.

Freelancers Make Theatre Work acknowledges the whiteness in our spaces and our complicity in racist structures, and commits to being an actively anti-racist organisation and to diversifying our networks. 

Where appropriate, asking questions around racism and anti-racism is encouraged, with an acknowledgment that we have a duty of care to the people of the global majority that are in the room.