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We can’t wait to be together again enjoying live theatre in venues across the UK. We have been working hard to ensure that your theatregoing experience is as COVID-safe and as comfortable as possible.

We have been working with our colleagues across the sector to develop our brand new safety mark. When you see the mark, you can feel confident that theatres are complying with the latest Government safety recommendations and guidelines’

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SMA/ABTT - Protocols for returning to work

A draft document outlining guidance on protocols to help us find a safe way to return to rehearsals and production. It’s a live and evolving document which will eventually become ABTT formal guidance.

The guidelines aim to address the concern that when theatres open it could happen quickly, without producers, offstage workers and creative teams having the best information to understand new expectations or procedures.

Download the guidance here.

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#7InclusivePrinciples for The Arts in Covid-19

Curated by WSNBRAttitude is EverythingRamps On The MoonParaorchestra, and What Next?

The suite of guidance documents produced by the UK and Devolved Governments to support the reopening of the cultural industries largely focus on headline safety issues. Many Sector Support Organisations have also developed additional guidance but access has often been overlooked.

This document gives arts and cultural organisations and individuals the tools to approach delivery and recovery specifically through the lens of Disability and relevant Equality legislation. By offering a set of seven clear principles, we wish to support the industry to make decisions inclusively, to go beyond compliance and celebrate diversity. We believe this will have wide-ranging social, economic and ethical implications for arts and culture.

Download the principles here.


CITA - Return to work safely guidelines for Costume for Theatre and Live Events during Covid-19

This is a collaborative document compiled by Costume Designers, Supervisors, Administrators, Wardrobe Managers, Dressers, in consultation with an independent Health and Safety Manager and Production Manager.

This document aims to effectively highlight the risks and offer solutions to help arrive at a Covid Secure working environment for the Theatre and Live Events costume industry.


It gives practical considerations of how these guidelines can be applied in the costume workplace.

This guidance is directed at paid professional workers.

Read the guidance here.

*you must have free CITA account to read the guidance


ABTT - Risk Assessments for Returning to Work in Places of Entertainment

ABTT Release Guidance Note 103: COVID-19 Returning to Work in Places of Entertainment Production and Technical Departments Safe Working Procedures

Download the guidance here.


ABTT Release Guidance Note 101 & 102: COVID-19 Risk Assessments for Returning to Work in Places of Entertainment

The ABTT has produced guidance notes 101 and 102 in light of the Covid-19 lockdown to help guide the reopening of places of entertainment. This included guidance on risk assessments and steps for returning to work following lockdowns.

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BAPAM - Risk Assessment for Freelance Performers Returning to Work During COVID-19

Most performers and many other workers in the performing arts are freelance and will be working in many different environments as we return to work following the COVID-19 lockdown. The environment you will be working in will be doing their own risk assessment, but if you are a freelancer, you should be doing your own. Thanks to our expert occupational health doctors at BAPAM, and in particular, Dr Finola Ryan, we have published a risk assessment template for freelance performers which we hope will be helpful in considering any risks in returning to work.

Download Risk Assessment for freelance performers returning to work during COVID-19

They also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions which cover some of the key issues, but if you have other queries, please email them to with the subject Risk Assessment and we will put them to our team of experts and publish them.

The UK Government have issued specific guidance for the performing arts sector:

If you are an employer, a workplace or contract performers and would like support from BAPAM’s Occupational Health service, please contact

More on the BAPAM website here

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EQUITY - Guidelines for health and safety in small workplaces

Equity has been involved in discussions with broadcasters, film and TV producers and other organisations and stakeholders within the TV and Film industry about developing protocols for returning to work safely during COVID-19. See here for this guidance.  Equity has been in consultation with audio UK and there are published guidelines for those working in audio industry that can be found below.

However, we are aware that some of our members work on smaller scale engagements which may not be covered by these protocols.

Please click here to see the full guidelines.




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The UK Government official guidance for the Performing Arts industry

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Scottish Government guidance for the Performing Arts industry



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Official UK Government advice about  working safely during  COVID-19

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UK Health information about  COVID-19

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WHO Health information about  COVID-19

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Up to date information about  COVID-19