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The Big Freelancer Survey IS BACK and once again aims to provide a detailed report of the past 12 months. Like the previous three Big Freelancer Surveys (conducted in 2020, 2022 and 2023) this data will feed into ongoing lobbying of both industry bodies and government, informing them where support is most needed and what the greatest issues facing freelancers are.

Over 11,000 arts freelancers have filled in The Big Freelancer Survey in the last four years. The ONLY survey conducted BY freelancers FOR freelancers.

The first Big Freelancer Survey helped secure the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund in 2020.⁠

2022’s Big Freelancer Survey directly influenced policy within the industry and government for freelancers.⁠

2023’s showed average earnings for freelancers in the industry are 17.5% below the UK national average salary and uncovered the huge pay-gap between the male and female workforce of 37.4%.

Help us continue this important work and fill in this year’s survey so we can paint a bigger and more dynamic picture from the last four years to help us lobby the industry and government on your behalf.

We ask performing arts freelancers to provide information about their socio-economic background and current living situation, as well as rates of pay and workplace concerns ranging from safety and security to harassment and bullying.

Evidence-based lobbying is vital for the systemic change that is needed to build a fairer future. The information from this and past surveys is used by employers, industry bodies and government to further understand the living and working conditions of freelancers, who make up over 70% of the theatre sector.

If you require the survey in a ‘plain text’ format, you can download it in word format or PDF format and then re-upload your answers anonymously here.

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The Big Freelancer Survey is conducted by Freelancers Make Theatre Work in partnership with The University of Essex.

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