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By Sunita Hinduja


I don’t know about you but mine is wearing really thin.

Last Monday along with several other fabulous people I was due to start rehearsals, for the massive deal that would have been SIX The Musical at the Lyric Theatre. On Saturday 31st October we were all joyfully and willingly tested for antibodies, Covid, had our temperatures taken, filled in forms, listened to health and safety chats and greeted each other from a distance - excited to get started. We left the room so damn ready to hit the ground running on Monday. Then at 6.30pm that night Boris announced that entertainment industries were to close for 4 weeks. And that was it - we knew without being officially told that we weren’t going to be rehearsing on Monday.

By 6.45pm on Sunday we had been told that our opening date had been pushed to Saturday 4th Dec and that we would not be starting rehearsal for another 3 weeks.

Now this is the second, well third (if you count March’s closure) time we have been so close and ready - only to have Covid to scupper our plans.  The company had started online rehearsals for the Drive in Tour back in July and that was pulled due to the worry around local lockdowns.

So here we are again, back in our houses Googling how to stay resilient in the face of the absolute financial devastation of the industry you have given everything to. Just me...?

Humour aside - how are you managing. Are you ok?

I asked some of the team to share their process to staying resilient during Lockdown 2.0

Our Stage Manager shared his process with me: “ keeping a routine, even the smallest daily activity at specific time, but preferably getting out of bed and dressed.

I went on a three hour walk the day before yesterday, there’s actually a great podcast ep all about walking which was great for clearing my head.

A treat a week, something out of the ordinary, just something small, a lie in, dressing up nice, some agreed alone time, a long shower etc etc.
Making a list of useful activities, cleaning, exercise, but not putting a time limit on it and always adding new things that you’ve done and ticking them straight off.Also big tip is to avoid overuse social media.”

Our Sound No.1 shared her strategy: “Going out for a walk every day has definitely saved me.

And the little things like morning coffee, listening to loud music, cooking or baking and then hammering Netflix in the evenings”

Our Associate Director shared: “The best I got is routine. Make routines for yourself that drive you through the day. And not just boring stuff like exercise (nfm) but things that make you feel good like a roast on a Sunday. Set an alarm in the morning, get out of bed, and do something that you do every morning. I like to shower and then read my book while I'm having eggs on toast and coffee...”

I have opted for the less holistic, no exercise, bottle of wine a day and many fail videos on YouTube to make me laugh in the evenings.  Not great but is honestly - all I can manage just now.  And that is ok.

Anyway I hope you are all managing in whatever way suits you,  I am going to leave you with this little gem of wisdom from our MD:

“ be safe in the knowledge that we made it through last time, and will do again”

See you on the other side.

What can you do to stay resilient?
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Come and BOX
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Come for tea!
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